Catching Happy Photography: Blog en-us (C) Catching Happy Photography [email protected] (Catching Happy Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:54:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:54:00 GMT Old dog - new tricks! Or in other words - finally a new (and hopefully improved) website!  It sounds like something really easy to do "I'll just start my own business!!" but the reality sets in pretty quickly.  For me, my academic background truly did not prepare me for the nuts and bolts of business in the world of today.  I have had to learn accounting programs, marketing, website development programs,  and the ins and outs of a bureaucracy that requires ALL kinds of permits and licenses that seem to expire constantly!

That doesn't account for the social media arena either which is developing at a lighting pace with new programs and updates to old programs coming out every other week.  And of course not to forget the developments to be had in the world of digital photography itself (yep the whole point of this endeavor!) with new software, new equipment, techniques and continuing education as well.  

It surprises me everyday that I have time to go out and even shoot!  But long story short, is that I was not satisfied with my old website.  It was slow, and hard to find things.  My own fault, I'm sure since I thought I could do it all myself.  So I took it down and shopped around for the right fit.  And....


Here it is!  The long awaited, sweating bullets to pull it together,  newly revamped Catching Happy Photography website! 

I am posting current sessions in post production and working my way backwards through the past year.  If the session you are searching for was within the past calendar year, it should make its way onto the site within the next few weeks.  If it was prior to this year please contact me to view proofs.

I hope that it is pretty easy to navigate, enjoyable to surf through, and inspires you to make more memories!  Let me know if in the course of moving around the site you come across a link that doesn't work or find something difficult to click through.  I want this website to make it easy to find the moments you are looking for.  

Thanks for clicking through!  Enjoy!

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